History of the Church

St. Andrew’s Church can trace its beginnings back to 1892 when they used the “Mission Room of the Good Shepherd” in Frances Street. This was later replaced with the “Tin Church” which was erected on the site which is now our Scout Hut.

Crewe SS Andrew & John

This was in an area of Crewe that was just developing with the coming of the Railway. In 1926 the Parish of St. Andrew was created and the “Tin Church” was filled to overflowing at several Services each Sunday. In 1932 plans were agreed and work started on a new brick church, however in 1939 with the coming of World War II the work ceased and a wooden end was placed on the partly completed Church.

In 1959 work recommenced on the Church and the wooden end was replaced with a brick construction, but a reduction on the original plans. The Church, thus modified, was finished in 1965.

In 1994, the Parishes of St. John’s and St. Andrew’s combined to form the current parish. A number of the artifacts from St. John’s Church were transferred to St. Andrew’s and in 1999 sufficient money had been raised to install four of the stained glass windows that had been removed from St Johns.

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