Thy Kingdom Come | Reflections of Prayers | Rev Catherine, Becky & Ruth

“Thy Kingdom Come” is a wave of global prayer that we’ve all been encouraged to take part in. It runs from Ascension Day, Thursday 21st May, to Pentecost, Sunday 31st May.

During this time we’re encouraged to pray more, to pray for others to come to know Christ and to pray for the coming of God’s Kingdom in the words of the Lord’s Prayer.

We’ve put together some short videos of people from our church communities talking about prayer. 

If you would like to record yourself answering the questions: How do you pray? Why do you pray? and What has praying during the pandemic been like for you? please do, and send the video to / 07813 117385. If you’d like to write your answer instead, please do… #ThyKingdomCome2020 #PrayerAndCare #Crewe

Rev Catherine



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