Special Announcement: New Priest-in-Charge Announced!

This afternoon St Andrew’s very own Ruth Gray, on behalf of the panel, announced our new Priest-in-Charge for St Andrews, St Peters and All Saints Churches in Crewe.

Please find below the full statement:

The Bishop of Chester is delighted to announce the appointment of Rev Dr Oliver Chimeze Igwe as the next Priest in Charge of St Andrew, St Peter and All Saints Crewe. This is subject to all legal formalities being fulfilled.

Oliver (47) is currently Senior lecturer and Head of Department (Dept of Religious Studies and Philosophy) Abia State University, Uturu in Nigeria.

Following completion of his PhD in Theology at Birmingham University, Oliver returned to Nigeria and has held a number of posts including Archdeacon. He is married to Edith who teaches in Stoke and has 3 children.

He hopes to move to the UK to be with his family as soon as possible but travel restrictions may mean this is difficult in the short term.

Oliver said

I am delighted to be called to minister as Priest in Charge of St Andrew, St Peter and All Saints Crewe in a time like this. I look forward to our shared commitment in growing discipleship, strengthening our missions, serving our communities and nurturing vocations. We will continue to proclaim God’s love and kindness to all with vibrancy.

This is a journey I am embarking with my family. We look forward to bringing some African flavour into our ministry here.

At these unprecedented times, we are called upon to sing the LORD’S SONG in strange masks. We are called to demonstrate our faith in a loving God, whose compassion knows no bounds by looking after sick people, supporting those who lost loved ones, encouraging the living not to panic and caring for the needs of people in the post Covid-19 context. This new normal could affect some of the ways we did things.

But we’ll keep inviting people to experience God’s love with us. We’ll keep smiling, keep praying, keep encouraging ourselves and others. We’ll keep making the Parishes of Crewe a welcoming place for all.”

The Venerable Ian Bishop, Archdeacon of Macclesfield said,

‘I am delighted that Oliver will be joining us in the Diocese of Chester. Oliver brings significant experience of ministry in Nigeria and a depth of theological insight that will be hugely valuable to the church in Crewe.

It is terrific that he can move to the UK to be with his family who have been living in Stoke for some months following his wife’s appointment as a teacher here.

Oliver has a humility and warmth that I know the people of Crewe will appreciate and I hope he will bring something of the joy and vibrancy of the Nigerian Church to the UK’.

Because of the restrictions on travel there is currently no date for Oliver’s licensing but it is hoped that this can take place by the end of the summer.

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