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All Change for Rev. Lynne & Rev. Catherine!

A couple of key announcements at St Andrews in Crewe.

Rev. Catherine’s Priesting

This coming Saturday (15th June) at Chester Catherdral Rev. Catherine will be priested, marking a whole year since we welcomed her to St Andrew’s, after her deaconing last July.

Many of us will be going to Chester to show our support and look forward to Catherine leading more services over the coming months .

Rev. Lynne’s Final Service at St Andrews

After 3 years of being priest-in-charge at St Andrews, Rev. Lynne is moving to pastures new. She is stepping into the role of Rector Of Stockport. Her new role will see her overseeing a number of churches in the town.

We will all miss Lynne but wish her every success for her future ministry. Lynne has overseen the creation of a number of fantastic community incentives at St Andrews, including the pre-school group ‘Little Fish’ and our popular ‘Saturday Cafe’, which will all continue following her departure. She will be certainly leaving a mark in our hearts and minds on the 30th June when she leads her final services at St Andrews and heads to Stockport.

Please feel free to join us on Sunday 30th June for Lynne’s final Sunday Morning Service at St Andrews in Crewe. Our Sunday Service start at 9.30am.

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