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Connected Communties Centre Open Day!


On Saturday 8th September, St Andrew’s officially opened as a Connected Community Centre in Crewe. You can read more about Cheshire East’s Connected Communities initiative at this link.

A fantastic amount of people from our local community came to the event. Many visiting the church for the first time.  A couple of people in passing mentioned they had lived nearby for over 20 years and had never visited the church until today and said they hoped to return. Others commented on the warm, welcoming atmosphere. We had a number of representatives from various organisations in Crewe and surrounding areas showcasing what our local community has to offer. Our local Scouts, The British Red Cross, Everbody Fitness and Wishing Well. Not only that, we also had a number of our local Police and Fire Service officers attend, giving children the opportunity to dress up like a police officer and check out the vehicles they use when out on the beat!

Let us also not forget, the day was a fantastic opportunity for our fantastic, dedicated volunteers and members to showcase all that they do. These included our Uniformed Organization’s. Our well established and popular Panto and Play society, Diamonds group, Little Fish, our Pre-School group and our Art Club. There was something for everyone of all ages.

As we are looking to crowd fund a brand new community centre we gave everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts on what they would like from the new hall. As a now proud Connected Community Centre, we want to ensure everyone in the the local community feels a part of this exciting project. We have launched a crowd funding page to help with this project, which you can find out more about here.

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